Post Hurricane - Responsibilities of Property Owner

Posted on Thursday, October 13, 2016



The following information is provided to you, as a property owner, relative to actions being taken by the Town following Hurricane Matthew.  Most of these actions have been directed by the Board of Commissioners in the interest of public health and safety and to expedite recovery from the emergency.


PUSHING SAND TO RESTORE DUNE – Before any sand can be pushed on the strand to restore the dune, a dune line must be established.  It is expected that work to restore the dune will begin immediately after the dune line is established.  Contact our local Planning Department regarding necessary DCM and other agency requirements. 


UNINHABITABLE BUILDINGS – If your building is declared uninhabitable or damaged, you should contact your insurance agent immediately.


RELOCATION OF BUILDINGS – If you propose to relocate your building, the Building Inspector is authorized to approve immediate temporary relocation for up to ninety days.  Permanent relocation must be accomplished in accordance to Section 66-171 thru 174 and Section 10-201 thru 204 of the Town Code of Ordinances.


BULKHEADS – All repairs to bulkheads must be permitted and approved by CAMA.  Contact our local Planning Department regarding these permits and regulations. (910)579-3469


BUILDING PERMITS – Building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical permits are required for most repairs. 


BUILDING SECURITY – You are strongly encouraged to inspect your property and secure it against unauthorized entrance as soon as possible.  Every effort is being made to prevent vandalism. 


DEBRIS ON THE STRAND – Please be aware of debris on the strand. Exposed nails and other hardware are common and may be partially buried.  GREAT CARE SHOULD BE TAKEN WHEN WALKING ON THE STRAND.

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