Update Hurricane Dorian - 9-4-19 - 9am

Posted on Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Please visit link at the bottom of the page for full Weather Update from the National Weather Service.

Mandatory Evacuation is in effect. We encourage you to leave the island now.

The track of the storm now forecasts rain/wind/flood impacts will arrive sooner than originally anticipated.

  • ALL Vacationers/Non-Residents must evacuate island by 8:00am on Wednesday (9/4/19). 

  • ALL Property Owners/Businesses must evacuate island by 5:00pm on Wednesday (9/4/19).

  • Bridge will CLOSE when sustained winds reach 50mph OR 5:00pm on Wednesday, whichever occurs first.

  • Water and Sewer Services will be turned off after evacuation has been completed.  Therefore, no water will be available to anyone who remains on the island.

  • Town Hall will CLOSE early on Wednesday. Time to be determined.

  • Stay tuned to the Town Media for information announcing the time-frame for re-opening of the bridge to Property Owners.This has not yet been determined and will be dependent upon the track and timing of the storm as well as damage caused by storm.

  • Decals were mailed to all Property Owners late March and any that were returned by mail to Town Hall have been forwarded to the updated address on file.  Please make sure you have permanently affixed your decals to your vehicles as required. Decals are not issued 48 hours prior to expected landfall.

  • Only Business and Property Owners with decals will initially be allowed to return to the island when the bridge reopens until general re-entry is allowed.Please do not send your friends or others to check out your home, they will not be permitted on the island.

  • Please remember that in the event of major flooding or infrastructure damage there could be a significant delay in returning to your property.  Please make all necessary preparations now and for several days following the storm.

  • Make sure to obtain all necessary medical supplies and prescriptions before the bridge closes.

  • Please remember to turn off and secure all propane tanks. Turn off or unplug your water heaters to reduce the risk of fire.

  • Please secure all outdoor furniture, grills, and POLYCARTS!

  • Please do your best to confine your polycarts and any existing garbage. Your efforts are appreciated to help minimize the amount of post storm debris on our beautiful island.

  • Once a mandatory evacuation is declared NO SURFING will be allowed (Wednesday 8am).

  • Turn your refrigerator or freezer to the coldest setting and open only when necessary. If you lose power, food will last longer. Keep a thermometer in the refrigerator to be able to check the food temperature when the power is restored.

  • Check your city/county website every 30 minutes in order to get the latest weather updates and emergency instructions.  and

  • Do not walk, swim, or drive through flood waters. Turn Around. Don’t Drown! Just six inches of fast-moving water can knock you down, and one foot of moving water can sweep your vehicle away.

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