Update Hurricane Dorian 9-5-19 - 11am

Posted on Thursday, September 05, 2019
As of the 11:30 conference call with the County and National Weather Service, Hurricane Dorian was located approximately 140 miles S/SW of Wilmington NC and is moving to the N/NE at approximately 8 mph. Maximum winds are 110 mph and a slow weakening is expected once the storm reaches the Cape Fear area. Anticipate increase in winds through early afternoon with hurricane force winds this evening. Estimated wind speeds for Southeast Brunswick County are sustained at 70-90 mph and gust 90-105 mph. Storm surge expected early afternoon with a significant run-up during the next high tide and possibly with Friday morning tide. Rainfall for our area is estimated at 6-10 inches.

As soon as the storm subsides, our emergency response team will be on the ground inspecting damages.

Daisy L. Ivey
Town Administrator

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