Natural Canal Dredging Project Schedule UPDATE

Posted on Monday, March 08, 2021

The following is a tentative schedule showing the estimated dates the dredge will be working in each canal.

Ocean Isle Beach Natural Canal Project 2020/2021 Schedule (Updated 3-8-2021)

March 5 - March 12 - Canal 17                          Even Addresses on Laurinburg – Odd Addresses on Monroe

March 12 - March 13- Canal 16 (redredge)       Even Addresses on Monroe – Odd Addresses on Fairmont

March 13 - March 21 - Canal 8                          Entrance Canal (Concrete) & End of Craven Street

March 21 - March 31 - Canal 3                          Entrance Canal Concrete

If you live on the Natural Canal please make plans to move your boats prior to the dredge commencing work in your canal.


Thank you for your prompt cooperation during this project.

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