Beach Renourishment

Terminal Groin & Coastal Storm Damage Reduction Project

PROJECTED TO BEGIN FALL 2021 (updated Sept 2021)

The Coastal Storm Damage Reduction (CSDR) project shall consist of dredging, transporting, placing and shaping beach fill and performing all pre and post construction beach surveys. The borrow area for this project is Shallotte Inlet. The estimated beach fill quantity for OIB is 450,000 cubic yards compared to 270,000 c/y during the 2017 project.  The project will begin at Station 10 (Shallotte Blvd) and continue to Station 80 (near Goldsboro Street).

The Terminal Groin Project consists of the construction of a 1050ft long terminal groin along with the placement of beach fill (250,000 c/y accretion fillet) along the east end of the Town's oceanfront shoreline. This project will consist of:

  • 750ft rubble mound structure section (approx. 29,100 tons of stone)
  • 300ft sheet pile shore anchorage section
  • Installation of a 1ft thick marine mattress foundation

The rubble mound portion of the groin will not include a "core" and will be arranged such that it will remain "leaky" to facilitate the movement of littoral material (such as sand) through the structure.

Bids for the Terminal Groin Project were scheduled to be opened on September 2, 2021 however, due to only 2 bids being received it was necessary to readvertise for this bid opening. The next bid opening for this project occurred on September 9, 2021 and 2 bids were received in the amount of $17,500,000 and $11,426,048.  The Town’s engineering firm Coastal Protection Engineering (CPE-NC) recommended award of contract to Coastal Design and Construction, Inc. contingent upon the Town receiving a CAMA Permit Modification to extend the completion date to April 30, 2022. (*Update 9/15/21 – Permit modification was received successfully).

Bids for the CSDR Project are scheduled to be opened on September 21, 2021.

  • Award Date: September 27, 2021
  • Contractor:  
    Norfolk Dredging Company
    110 Centerville Tpke N
    Chesapeake, Virginia 23320-3004

At this time, the estimated cost for the CSDR project is $8,700,000 which is paid as follows:

  • 65% Federal Allocation
  • 35% Local and State Funds
The Town has submitted the estimated 35% share of $3,045,000 to the Corps of Engineers and requested reimbursement of 50% of this amount from the State of NC. The Town will also be responsible for the entire cost of the Terminal Groin Project once these amounts are approved by the Board. A memorandum of agreement has been executed by the Town with the Corps of Engineers to perform the fillet portion of the Terminal Groin Project in order to save on mobilization cost. It is estimated this portion of work for the Terminal Groin Project will be $2,450,000. This amount does not include cost for actual construction of the terminal groin itself.


The Town contracts with APTIM Coastal Planning and Engineering to prepare an annual Beach Monitoring Report and Analysis based on the Beach Surveys the Town had been performing since 2012.  The purpose of this study is to provide an assessment of the current conditions of a portion of the Town’s shoreline and to identify erosion and accretion trends over time.  To do so, APTIM examines both short-term and long-term changes over time within the areas where these surveys have been performed.  

CLICK HERE for a copy of the 2021 report.



During the April 14, 2015 Board Meeting,  the Board of Commissioners adopted the Ocean Isle Beach 30-Year Beach Management Plan.  The management area will consist of the beach strand from the location of the proposed terminal groin project, located on the east end of the island, to the east shoulder of Tubbs Inlet, a  total distance of 5.1 miles. 

Components of the study include an engineering analysis of the existing federal project, a sand resource assessment , and an assessment of the environmental documentation and permitting requirements that would be necessary for the Town to manage its entire ocean front shoreline.   

To view the entire Beach Management Plan please access the following link:   OIB Beach Management Plan