Concrete Canals

Concrete Canals Maintenance Dredging Project 

Special tax district fees will also continue to provide for a maintenance dredging program for both the concrete and natural canal systems. The next scheduled projects are as follows:

  • Concrete Canals – F/Y 2022-2023
  • Natural Canals – F/Y 2026-27

The engineer for this project originally estimated the opinion of probable cost for the concrete canal dredging project to be $1,792,000.00. The proposed assessment for F/Y 2022-2023 for the concrete canal district is proposed to remain the same at $1.70 per linear foot or $85.00 per fifty-foot lot.

On November 10, 2022 the Town Board of Commissioners officially awarded the 2022/2023 Concrete Canal Maintenance Dredging Contract to King Dredging . The new opinion of probably cost for this project is now $3,038,212 and includes design services/permitting fees, mobilization/demobilization, pre-excavation, dredging, bonds and a 5.03% contingency.

Town Staff was successful in obtaining a grant from the State of North Carolina in the amount of 66.67% of the total project cost to help fund this project for concrete canal property owners.

This project is underway and is estimated to continue through April 15, 2023. A schedule of work in each canal is posted in the " News Story" section of the Town Website (as they are frequently updated) for those property owners who need to relocate their boats until work on a specific canal is completed. For the most updated scheduling information, please contact Town Hall at 910-579-2166 or CLICK HERE

Please Note: Failure to remove your boat prior to your scheduled dredging time could result in a delay of the project or inadequate dredging in the immediate area.

Dredging will be performed in the T canals, but quantities will be limited due to the location of docks and boat lifts. However, the dredger will do his best to remove as much material as possible in these areas. The Town will investigate the use of a bucket and barge method as a future option within the T Canals.

Canal Dredging Aerial

Concrete Canals by Canal Number


Canal 1            East side of Goldsboro, West side of Lee

Canal 2            East side of Cumberland, West side of Goldsboro   

Canal 3            East side of Moore, West side of Cumberland              

Canal 4            East side of Leland, West side of Moore

Canal 5            East side of Pender, West side of Leland                      

Canal 6            East side of Dare, West side of Pender

Canal 7            East side of Raeford, West side of Dare                         

Canal 8            East side of Union, West side of Raeford                      

Canal 9            East side of Anson, West side of Union                                      

Canal 10          East side of Newport, West side of Anson              

Canal 11          East side of Scotland, West side of Newport            

Canal 12          East side of Richmond, West side of Scotland

Canal 13          East side of Concord, West side of Richmond

Canal 18          South side of Craven Street/Header Canal  (Area West of Entrance Canal  8)  

Canal 19          Header Canal    (Area East of Entrance Canal 8) 

Canal 20          Header Canal    (Area East of Entrance Canal 3)    




Concrete Canal Bulkheads Construction and Repair Standards

The Board of Commissioners for the Town of Ocean Isle Beach feel that it is necessary to provide for the maintenance and preservation of the island's concrete canals and the fragile estuarine environment. The Town's marine engineer and the Planning Board have considered the proposed modifications to the Town's ordinances to address concrete canal maintenance and repair and that the issue has been subject to discussion and consideration by the Board at length. 

Effective November 8, 2005 the Board has established mandatory requirements for the repair of concrete canals bulkheads and the establishment of standards for the construction and maintenance of such concrete bulkheads along the concrete canals as follows:

(1) Any person performing construction, repair and/or maintenance  activities for bulkheads along the concrete canals shall obtain necessary permits from the Building Inspections Department.

(2)  Construction, repair and/or maintenance activities shall be in accordance with the uniform design standards approved by the Board of Commissioners and available in the office of the Building Inspector, which is included within this section.  Said description entitled  Concrete Overlay Repair Rev. 2 9/28/05.

(3)   Prior to the start of new construction on canal lots with concrete bulkheads, an inspection must be scheduled to ensure the bulkheads are not in disrepair.  If the bulkheads are in need of repair, repairs must be completed prior to setting the pilings for new construction. 

(4) The Building Inspections Department will conduct periodical checks to  ensure existing bulkheads are not in need of repair.  If the Building  Inspection Department determines a bulkhead is in need of repair, repairs must be handled by the property owner within ninety (90) days from the date of notice.  Failure to repair these bulkheads within the allotted time frame or in conjunction with design standards will result in civil penalties as outlined in Section 42-19 of this ordinance.