Board Of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment consists of five members who are property owners within city limits and two members from the extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ). They meet when hearings are scheduled. Hearings are normally scheduled for the fourth Tuesday of the month at 9:00 a.m. in the Betty S. Williamson Meeting Hall.

The Board of Adjustment shall have the following powers:
  1. Hear, review and decide appeals from and review any order requirement, decision or determination made by the zoning administrator or any other administrative official charged with the enforcement of this chapter in the performance of his official duties.
  2. Hear and decide applications for, and may permit the approval of special exceptions to the zoning regulations in specified classes of cases or situations as provided in G.S. 160A-388(d), not including variances in permitted uses, and may issue special use permits, all to be in accordance with the principles, conditions, safeguards, and procedures specified herein. The board must find the following before the issuance of a special use permit:
    • The project shall not materially endanger public health and safety.
    • The project shall not substantially injure the value of adjoining property.
    • The project shall be in harmony with surrounding area.
    • The project shall be in conformance with town plans.
  3. Hear and decide appeals for variances from the dimensional regulations of this chapter in accordance with section 66-405. Nothing in this section shall be construed to authorize the board of adjustment to permit a use in a district where that use is neither a permitted use nor a special use.
  4. Interpret zoning maps and pass upon disputed questions of lot lines or district boundary lines and similar questions as they arise in the administration of this chapter.
  5. Hear and decide upon all matters referred to it or upon which it is required to pass under this chapter.



  • Todd Robertson, Chair
  • David Martin, Vice-Chair
  • Bo Tate, Member
  • Lisa Ledford-Crissey, Member
  • James Dale Hall, Member
  • Carol Grantham, Member (ETJ Representative)
  • Danny Norwood, Member (ETJ Representative)
  • Laura Ward, Alternate Member
  • Ron Austin, Alternate (ETJ Representative)


Agendas and Minutes