Higher Than Expected Water Bill?

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Higher Than Expected Water Usage

Peak seasonal water use is typically three to five times higher than winter water use. Weekly rental homes tend to have a higher number of occupants than an average household, which is a key factor in higher consumption during the summer months. If you think your summer usage is excessive, check your consumption for the same billing cycle the year prior to determine if it seems reasonable. Comparing your July billing with your previous May billing (especially if you have weekly rentals) is not an accurate comparison because of the billing cycle dates.  If you compare your consumption and you still think you may have some type of leak; here are a few tips to help you locate any potential leaks or water loss issues.

  • Toilets are the most common problem and should be checked regularly to ensure they are operating properly. A moderate toilet leak can use approximately 12,000 gallons in a month. Toilets do not always make noise when they are leaking. An accurate way to check for leaking toilets is by using dye tablets; these are available at the town hall at no charge.
  • Faucet leaks are usually obvious, but in addition to checking bathroom and kitchen faucets, be sure to check bathtubs, outdoor showers, and hose connections.
  • Pipe & joint leaks are obvious when they in an open area but can go unnoticed overtime when they occur in a hidden area.
  • Check the meter line from the meter to the residence, although this may sound difficult you can save a lot of money if you can locate the leak for the plumber. If you have a shut off valve by the house, shut if off temporarily and check the meter by removing the lid and watch to see if the meter is moving. If the meter is moving; walk the area between the meter and the shut-off valve. Look for signs of a leak such as a wet area, grass that is greener than the rest or growing faster than other areas. If you see such an obvious sign, call the plumber, or assess if you can make the repair yourself. Be sure to keep plumbers’ receipts and any receipts for items purchased to make the repair yourself; receipts will be required if you apply for an adjustment.
  • Sprinkler systems are another common problem and should be checked regularly to ensure they are operating properly. Make sure all heads are intact and not missing. Check the settings and monitor the amount of time the irrigation is running and how many zones are actively in use.

Request the Water Department Staff Re-Read Your Meter - Assistance Determining if You Have a Leak

If your water consumption seems too high, and you need assistance please call (910)579-2166. The Water Department Staff can re-read your meter to help determine if you have leak.


For After-Hours Town Water Emergency: Dial (910) 547-3351