Vehicle Decals

2023 Vehicle Decals


  • Property Owner Decals will be available for “pick-up” at Town Hall between January 3, 2023 – June 1, 2023PHOTO ID REQUIRED


  • A “Property Owner Decal Acquisition Form” must be completed by the recipient prior to receiving their allotted decals.
    • Click  HERE for form
    • Only the "Property Owner" may pick up decals.
    • Relatives, Property Managers, Neighbors etc. are not allowed to pick up decals for a Property Owner. 
    • Photo Identification will be required. 


  • Property Owners who are unable to pick their decals up “in-person” may opt to download/print the Acquisition Form via the Town Website and mail it to Town Hall with a check for $10.  Town Staff will mail the decals to the Property Owner via certified return receipt mail.


  • Each Property Owner will be allotted five (5) decals


  • Additional decals will not be allotted for individuals who own multiple properties


  • It is the responsibility of the Property Owner to distribute their decals to co-owners, family members, property managers, etc.


  • Property Owners are encouraged to have their preferred contractors purchase Contractor Decals in ADVANCE of a storm to gain access to the island post-storm to complete necessary repairs. Contractor Decals are $20.


  • AFTER June 1st DEADLINE: Property Owners who did not secure their decals in advance will be allowed to purchase one (1) decal for $10 post-storm for island re-entry. 
    Decals may be purchased at new Town Hall (111 Causeway Drive)