Terminal Groin Project Updates

Stay up-to-date with the latest progress of the long-awaited Terminal Groin Project at Ocean Isle Beach!

We aim to update this page on a weekly basis with photos and status reports. Use photo gallery links below.

Terminal Groin Marine Mattress and Stone Placement Progress Map (Click HERE

Construction Phases:
PHASE 1 – Construction of the lower portion of the terminal groin, working from the landward point of the stone structure out into the water and up to elevation +2 ft NAVD88 (basically Mean High Water). During this phase, all of the marine mattress foundation will be installed as well as all of the stone for the lower portion of the structure. As the construction progresses, CDC (Coastal Design and Construction) will place large rubber mats on top of the stone so that the excavator can work from on top of the structure.  
PHASE 2 – Once Phase 1 is complete, CDC will begin placing the top layer of stone at the seaward end of the structure and working back towards shore.
PHASE 3 – Prior to completing Phase 2, CDC’s subcontractor (McLean) will begin the installation of the sheet pile wall and concrete cap, working from North to South.

Photo Gallery #1 (November 16 - December 7)


November 19, 2021
Construction operations were being conducted today (11/19) on the landward portion of the terminal groin. CDC was observed laying twelve (12) marine mattresses between Sta. 2+85 and Sta. 3+14 and placing Size B armor stone on top of the in-place mattresses.

November 30, 2021
Completed Armor Stone: Tons To Date: 1,602 Tons
Completed Marine Mattress: To Date: 8,025 Sq. Ft.