After a Hurricane

Hurricane Banner

After the hurricane has passed through our area, Town personnel and the Assessment team will begin assessing the island for any damages that may have occurred during the storm. Once it has been determined that the island is safe, the Mayor will re-open the island to its residents.

Before you return to Ocean Isle Beach, you should:

  • Delay return until authorized by the Mayor.
  • The Town will use all available communication resources - including the CodeRED system and our Town website ( - to give the evacuation status of the beach and it will be updated whenever reentry information becomes available.
  •  Please note that the frequency of communication during a major storm may be temporarily affected by power outages, internet availability and compromised cellular signal.
  • Ensure that your Property Owner Decal is affixed to the windshield of your vehicle (lower corner, driver’s side).
  • In the event of an extended power outage, the bridge will remain closed until power is restored and normal sewer operations can resume.

  • Re-entry to island after an evacuation will be accomplished in four levels:

    Stage 1 - Only damage assessment team and town personnel.

    Stage 2 - Businesses and property owners with decals.

    Stage 3 - Contractors with decals.

    Stage 4 - Normal traffic.

Once you have returned to Ocean Isle Beach and your property, you should:

  • Be patient as the Town begins the clean-up process.
  • Avoid walking and/or driving through flood water.
  • Be aware of electrical wires and other dangerous debris.
  • To avoid congestion and interference with damage assessment and repair crews, PLEASE STAY ON YOUR PROPERTY - Do not go sight-seeing!
  • All vehicles, including golf carts, should be PUSHED out from underneath any structures that experienced flooding BEFORE attempting start them. 
  • We also recommend disconnecting vehicle batteries as an additional precaution against house fires. There is a possibility of sparking which could lead to an electrical fire in the garage or storage area, possibly resulting in the loss of life or dwelling.
  • Food may spoil if refrigerator power is off more than a few hours.  Freezers will keep food several days if doors are not opened after power failure, but do not refreeze food once it begins to thaw.
  • Notify your insurance agent or broker of any loss and leave word where you can be contacted.
  • Make temporary repairs to protect property from further damage or looting.  Use only reputable contractors (sometimes in the chaotic days following a disaster, unscrupulous operators will prey on the unsuspecting) - check with Ocean Isle Beach Town Hall for a list of reputable contractors.  Keep all receipts for material used.