Fire Inspections/Investigations

Fire Inspections

Chief Blue serves as the Fire Marshal for the Town of Ocean Isle Beach. Chief Blue has an NC Level III Fire Inspector Certification. In addition to Chief Blue, two part-time fire-fighters are also NC Level III Fire Inspectors.

The Ocean Isle Fire Department conducts fire inspections annually on all commercial buildings. Crews conduct fire inspections and pre-plan walk-throughs at the same time. The purpose of the pre-plan is to gain familiarity with each building and to maintain contact information. The fire inspections are completed to ensure NC State Fire Code compliance. See the self-inspection checklist to prepare your business for the department’s fire inspection.

All inspections are completed by certified fire inspectors. The department fire inspectors review all new construction projects and approve new buildings before opening.


Fire Investigations

The Ocean Isle Fire Department conducts fire investigations to determine the cause and origin of all structure fires which occur within the town limits. Chief Blue is an NC Certified Fire Investigator.  Brunswick County Fire Marshal’s office provides additional certified fire investigators upon the request of the fire chief.


Self-Inspection Checklist

The purpose of this document is to aid the business owner or operator in conducting a self-evaluation of their business to correct any violations that may exist or develop.

Click HERE for printable document

Exits/Means of Egress

____ Exit doors unlocked/unblocked.

____ Exit access is unobstructed.

____ Exterior of exit doors are clear.

____ Exit doors are operable.

____ Enclosed exit stairways clear and free of storage.

____ Exit lights are operable.

____ No added surface bolts/latches on exit doors.

Fire Protection Systems

____ Fire alarm, fire sprinkler, and suppression systems are inspected and tested annually.

____ Sprinkler fire pump is tested annually.

____ Sprinkler connection (FDC) is unobstructed and accessible.

____ FDC caps in place and FDC couplings freely spin.

____ Sprinkler heads are unobstructed with no storage within 18 inches.

____ Sprinkler heads are free of paint, corrosion, or other debris.

____ Sprinkler valve rooms are accessible and free of storage.

____ Fire alarm devices (pull stations, control panels, etc.) are accessible.

____ Fire alarm monitored by UL central station.

____ Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) accessible and location identified.

____ Fire alarm system horns and strobes are not obstructed.

____ Wet or dry chemical suppression system inspected every 6 months

____ Kitchen hood vent system inspected and cleaned at required intervals.

____ Kitchen hood suppression system remote pull station is accessible.

____ Fire extinguishers are inspected annually.

____ Fire extinguishers are accessible and mounted.

Fire Protection Assemblies

____ Fire doors are operable by self-closing and latching.

____ Fire doors are not wedged or propped open.

____ Fire-rated walls, floor, and ceiling construction not breached

____ No obstructions blocking the operation of fire doors.

Hazardous materials

____ Fire Department notified of any changes in chemical storage or processes.

____ No open containers of flammable or combustible liquids.

____ Flammable or combustible liquids not dispensed by gravity means.

____ Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are on site

____ Compressed gas cylinders secured upright.

____ Fuel dispensing hoses are not worn or cracked.

____ Spray finishing in only approved areas (booth, etc.).


____ Emergency lights are tested by outside agencies each year.

____ Extension cords not used in place of permanent wiring.

____ Outlet/switch/electrical covers in place.

____ Covers for junction boxes, panels, etc. are in place.

____ Electrical rooms are identified as such.


____ No accumulation of combustible waste.

____ Electrical, mechanical, and boiler rooms are accessible and free of storage.

____ 3-foot clearance maintained around electrical panels.


____ Street address numbers posted and clearly visible.

____ Fire hydrants accessible.